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Apple iPhone 8 is the upcoming iPhone from the company, and some clear images of it are official. The reports also say that the phone will be launching in the month of September. The launch date of iPhone 8 is expected to be 9th September which is usually the date for the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. Apple seems to have something big in the surprise box beside the Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

As per the rumors, the device will have a 5.8″ of the flexible plastic OLED display with just 5.15″ of which will be usable. The rest of the area of the display will be used by the actual buttons on the iPhone which will replace the dedicated home button.

Other rumors mention the display to be an edge to edge display leaving the focus on the Touch ID of the device to be an on-screen sensor or somewhere side-wise or rear-mounted. Besides, there are some other talks too i.e. the presence of facial recognization will eliminate the Touch ID from iPhone 8.

Some rumors also suggest the new iPhone will be called the “iPhone Edition” or “iPhone X” as it will the launched on the 10th anniversary of the company.


apple iphone 8 launch date

Since the launch of iPhone 5 to till date, the company is using aluminum as the top rated material to design the body of the iPhone devices. But for the first time, Apple seems to move away from the aluminum body and will flaunt with the glass body once again just like the iPhone 4.


With a glass body just like iPhone 4, this phone has the presence of both Touch ID and Facial recognization features. Just like the iPhone 7, this one will also have the IPXX water resistance feature though an improved rating this time around.

The presence of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner is not yet confirmed. And if it brings on the Touch ID sensor then will it be on display or the back is still a tough call. The iPhone will be capable of the 3D features and much more like induction-based wireless charging.

A dual camera where both the lens will have the OIS feature will be employed there on this Apple iPhone 8. The presence of the glass body and dual rear camera on the upcoming tenth edition of iPhone was leaked on Weibo. Another set of rumors also suggests that the next generation iPhone will carry the AR function out of the box.

apple iphone 8 specifications

taptic engine is also said to be making its way to this new Apple iPhone 8 which will be able to create more complex tactile vibrations by the use of the high-performance motor. An enhanced Siri function will also be making its presence to this new Apple iPhone 8 which will be accompanied by the tap to wake, function area, and status bar features.

Launch and Release Date

If we have a look in the past, then all the iPhones made their presence in the month of September, 9th September to be precise. Whereas the devices were shipped to various cities worldwide on 19th September and sale or the release date started on 25th September.

Apple iPhone 8 is not going to disturb the trend of the launch and will be expected to follow the same pattern. So we can see the official announcement of the iPhone 8 to be made on 9th September and then will be shipped across the globe on 19th and will be released for sale on 25th September.

But there are rumors that Apple is having the issues with the wireless charging support and that will lead to two things, either the delay of launch or the absence of wireless charging feature out of the box.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs (Expected)

Apple iPhone 8 is said to carry a 5.1″ of the flexible plastic OLED display with an edge to edge screen and a glass body. It will be another iPhone with the water resistance feature but with an excellent rating from last years iPhone 7. There is a tough call between the Touch ID or the Facial Recognization but for sure Facial security feature will be there and there is nothing to say about the Touch ID.

The tenth edition of iPhone will be employed with a dual 12 MP of the primary camera where both the lens will have the OIS feature. The rear camera is capable of 4K video recording and 8 MP of image recording simultaneously. And the front of the iPhone will have the 7 MP of the selfie camera with the face detection, HDR and panorama features.

apple iphone 8 cases

There will be the presence of the 3 GB of RAM which will make the phone to work on a faster note. There will be 64 GB and 256 GB of the internal storage capacity options with this device. You have to satisfy yourself with the internal storage only in case the current reports were true that this tenth-anniversary device will not have a card slot.

Apple iPhone 8 will have the A11 chipset in the heart and will run on the iOS 11 out of the box from the day of the debut with a Quad – Core processor. It is said to be launched in the month of September with the Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold color options.

Apple iPhone 8 Price

Though there is nothing explicit about the Apple iPhone 8 just like the rumors, leaks, and expectations the price of the phone is also in the news. The iPhone 8 will be the expensive iPhone till date for sure. When iPhone 7 is already available for a price tag of $969, then we can expect the starting price of Apple iPhone 8 to be somewhat around $1000 in the US market.

This is all we have for you about the Apple iPhone 8 which is still in the rumors phase just like the Apple iPhone SE 2 which is said to be the “Made in India” device. We will keep you updated with the latest news, leaks, and rumors about the iPhone 8, so stay tuned.

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