apple iphone se 2 launch date will fall in first quarter of 2018

Wistorn Corp. is in talks Karnataka government for an extra piece of land for its production expansion. Wistorn Corp. is a supplier and manufacturer of Apple iPhones in Taiwan and India. Wistorn has set up a plant at Bangalore in India in May, and now that same plant will be used for the manufacturing of the Apple iPhone SE 2.

As per the recent news, the new edition of SE 2 will be the first launched and shipped only in India and then will be shipped worldwide. The new SE will be carrying the “Assembled in India” tag. The internal parts of the phone will be expected to somewhat similar to Apple iPhone 7, but overall it will be affordable though a smaller phone just like its predecessor launched last year.

There were rumors about the launch of it in the latter half of August this year but now as per the recent the reports it will be launched in the first quarter of 2018 in India. One of the officials from the company told that “Apple is looking to expand its share in the Indian market in next five years.”

Apple iPhone 8 is what we are expecting in the month of September, and there are no significant leaks or rumors on the SE 2 which makes it clear that it’s not going to be launched any soon this year. Apple iPhone SE 2 is said to have the traits of both iPhone 7 and iPhone SE.

apple iphone se 2 will be a mix of iphone 7 and iphone se

From its predecessor, it would take the 2 GB RAM and 32 GB / 128 GB of the memory unit whether there will be A10 chipset with thinner side bezels which are the characters of iPhone 7. Besides, it is reported to feature the 4.2″ of the display and a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor i.e. of 1700 mAh.

It will also bring the peculiarity of iPhone 7 in the camera unit as the second generation SE will be employed with the 12 MP primary camera, and there is something it takes from iPhone 6s i.e. the second generation touch ID and a 5 MP of the secondary camera for selfies. It would be kind of interesting to see whether or not this new device will be running on iOS11 though there is no reason that it won’t.

Wistorn is already assembling the first generation SE in India from May, and now the company is in talks with the Karnataka government for the small piece of land to expand the manufacturing plant where it can start the “Made in India Apple iPhone SE 2” project.

This is just a nip of salt in a sea of info about the iPhone SE 2; we will bring you some more info about the device as soon as available.

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