nokia 3310 3g to launch alongside nokia 8

Nokia 3310 3G variant was in the rumors a few days ago. But now the device just passes through Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA. The device is a 3G variant of the feature phone Nokia 3310 which was launched February 2017. The device is code named as TA – 1036 on FCC, and it seems to be the new Nokia 3310 3G variant as per the size of the device that passes the FCC certification.

nokia 3310 3g variant passes through fcc

Now there are also some rumors going on that the feature phone with 3G network carrier might be launched alongside Nokia 8 in London on 16th August. The certification of the device also shows that the device will work on following bands in the US:

GSM850: 824.2 MHz ~ 848.8 MHz

GSM1900: 1850.2 MHz ~ 1909.8 MHz

WCDMA Band II: 1852.4 MHz ~ 1907.6 MHz

WCDMA Band V: 826.4 MHz ~ 846.6 MHz

There is no official proof of this device being the Nokia 3310 3G variant, but the size of the device that passes through the FCC certification process is similar to Nokia 3310.

For more update on this 3G option of feature phone from Nokia stay tuned…



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