samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ buy one get one s8 and s8+ deal

Are you willing to buy one of Samsung’s recent flagship device either S8 or S8+? What if you can get both the S8 and S8+ at the price of one phone? Yeah, that’s true. Samsung is back with the buy one get one free offer on its premium flagship device. Now you can buy two of the Samsung’s recently launched flagship devices just at the rate of one.

A similar sort of offer was going on back in May where you can grab the duo for just the price of one. And now it’s back but this time with a little grafting in the offer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ trade-in deal offer

You need to trade in on of the following of your current smartphones if you have any to avail the buy one get one offer.

trade-in devices for the Samsung BOGO deals on S8 and S8+

The best part of the deal is that you can buy either S8 (unlocked) at $724.99 or S8+ (unlocked) at $824.99 and you will get one for free. The day you will get both the smartphones at your place/home, you need to send the trade – in smartphone to the company within next 15 days. If you failed to send the trade – in device within the 15 days, then you will have to pay for the free unit.

There are some criteria too for the trade – in smartphones, have a look at them.

  • The screen of the trade – in device should be well-functioning and not cracked.
  • The device should not be blacklisted or bricked.
  • The device needs to be power on and holds the charging.
  • A slight wear & tear is acceptable (but there is nothing mentioned about what type of wear & tear).
  • At the time of the trade – in you need to put the device to factory restore without any software locks.

Also, there is no news about where (in which countries) this deal is offered.

Before going to trade – in your device for buy one get one free deal of S8 and S8+ you should go through the T&C of the deal and FAQs to remove all your doubts.

Source    T&C of the deal    FAQs


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